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Hostel LELL opened in 2000, October in Narva Town. The town of Narva is located in the Northeastern part of Estonia, om the left bank of the Narva river at the Russian - Estonian border. Eventful history of Narva historical and architectonic monuments, natural landscape make it attctive place for tourists and rest-seekers.

Hostel located in the centre of the town. The availability of good - developed infrastructure makes it suit for the dwelling and rest as an individual persons as a tourist groups. Inestimable advantage of our hostel is a accommodating any couple of tourists in one time and availability restaurant (breakfast, lunch, ect)

Hostel has an experience of accommodating guests from Japan, China, Germany, Finland, Sweden, Holland, Russia, Great Britain, USA, France, Poland, Czech, Latvia, Korea, Bulgaria, Lithuania.

High security, complex service and professional level of co-ordination are waiting you.

Welcome to Narva! Find our hostel and take this comfortable accommodation!

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HOSTEL “LELL” Partisani 4 21007 Narva ESTONIA
Tel.+372 35 490 09 Tel/faks +372 35 734 60 GSM +372 55 153 76
E-mail: lell@narvahotel.ee